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Hear from some of the telecoms industry brands we have supported…

“Trenches Law is our go-to legal partner – the team helps with everything from stakeholder negotiations and the preparation of MSA templates, to the provision of practical advice which helps us remain agile, mitigate risks and keep advancing our business. I am very impressed by their speed, level of experience and fee structure. Organisations have sadly become used to paying over the odds for the expertise of a traditional legal practice, but there’s nothing traditional about Trenches Law!”

Steve Dunn -
Director and Founder, 1823 Group

“We initially reached out to Trenches as the company’s legal expertise is renowned in the sector. We needed a partner that was adept at training but also had the legal expertise to back it up. Trenches took the time beforehand to reach out and ask us exactly what we needed from the training session. Their tailored approach, plus the effervescent personality of the trainer, kept the whole team engaged. The training has provided the team with the knowledge and confidence to push back on all wayleave refusals we receive.”

Lee Thomas -
Wayleave Manager, Zzoomm PLC

“I’ve found working with Trenches Law a breath of fresh air. The team have a lot of telecoms experience and this shows in the way they approach their work. I’ve found their attitude, approach and knowledge incredibly helpful in negotiating commercial contracts and also for any advice regarding the wayleave and property elements of the telecoms sector.” 

Dave Ferry -
Head of Sales — Partner Markets, ITS Technology Group
Connect Fibre

“The wayleave training provided by Trenches was a game-changer for the team, equipping us with invaluable skills for long-term success in just two hours. The interactive approach and real-life scenarios sparked thought-provoking discussions and problem-solving that truly resonated with attendees. In addition, the knowledge gained can be passed on to future employees, ensuring sustained growth. This course not only accelerated our full fibre roll out but also positioned us to overcome legal hurdles. It’s a transformative investment with lasting impact.”

Jacob Mills -
Chief Operating Officer, Connect Fibre

“It’s a busy time for us as a telecoms operator that is also building new fibre optic networks, and we’re preparing to further ramp up our new roll-outs. It’s therefore important that we have access to high quality and ultra-responsive legal support.

When it comes to assistance with documentation and contractual work, Trenches Law is the best company in our industry. They have significant expertise in this complex environment and their sector presence is notable. They’re always available and very approachable.”

Graham Sargood -
Chief Executive, Box Broadband Limited

“Our relationship with Trenches Law is one of our most important. We wouldn’t have got to where we are today without them. We’d like to thank Sharon for her ongoing support.”

Tom Hudson -
Co-Founder and Director, Adroit Cloud Consulting

“Managing all aspects of wayleaves is key to unlocking the pace and scale to bringing full fibre solutions to the MDU environment. Trenches Law continue to lead the way in this challenging eco system.”

Charlie Ruddy -
Digital Infrastructure

“Trenches Law has supported toob with the acquisition of wayleaves as part of our fibre network roll-out. We selected them based on their experience and willingness to work with us, to develop an effective process. Since their appointment we have been delighted with the support they have provided and impressed by their willingness and ability to refine their approach and adjust their focus to meet our requirements. I wholeheartedly recommend Trenches Law they are effective and a joy to work with.”

Nick Parbutt -
CEO and Founder, toob

“Sharon is practically unique in the industry – she is a commercially-astute lawyer with a sharp eye on organisations’ strategic objectives, but above all she is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about the tech sector. This therefore means she makes savvy, swift decisions that a regular city law firm would struggle to emulate.”

Tim Mercer -
CEO, Vapour Cloud

“We outsource all of our wayleaves to Trenches Law, across the whole of the Isle of Wight. They recognise, assess and mitigate risks in a way that an ordinary lawyer – however competent – simply couldn’t do. They are genuinely passionate about the tech sector, have a vast level of legal acumen within the team, and their business model is exactly what WightFibre needs. Trenches Law have also taken care to get to know our local environment and to adjust their approach accordingly. The fee structure, charged on a per premise basis, is exactly what WightFibre needs and maximises the number of premises we can serve. Trenches Law’s commitment to WightFibre’s project makes them pivotal to the success of the project and an important part of the team.”

John Irvine -
CEO, WightFibre

“Trenches Law is our preferred telecoms legal specialist. They don’t just consider regulatory requirements from a compliance perspective – they approach every problem or opportunity strategically, so that we can keep moving as a business. Their incredible level of industry experience means we often agree terms that make business sense, and we seek their wayleave support as required too. Often this has to be done ad hoc, and Trenches Law are always really quick to respond and deliver outputs.”

Axel Focht -
Operations Director, Luminet

“Trenches Law is not your average law firm – maximising revenue while minimising risk is without a doubt the team’s USP. Their level of telecoms industry experience means we always have a robust approach to contract management – we’ve secured multi-year deals with their help and they’ve been our legal counsel on dozens of deals. We recognise that you can’t always anticipate disputes, but the speed with which they find a resolution is something we couldn’t find elsewhere. I would highly recommend Trenches Law.”

Tom O’Hagan -
CEO, Virtual1

“I’ve known Trenches Law’s founder Sharon for many years, from her time at Virgin. She is well-respected in this field, and Trenches Law is MAP Group’s ‘go to’ legal advisor as a result. They review our tenders, manage legal disputes, mark-up T&Cs – the list goes on. It’s their flexible approach that means they’re an important part of the team when it comes to securing deals.”

Mike Carlin -
CEO, The MAP Group

“We’re proceeding at pace and Trenches Law has quickly embraced our requirements to deliver the pragmatic solutions that help us maximise the number of customers we can serve. The team has responded well when asked to ramp-up capacity and at the same time continued to provide excellent wayleave and legal advice.”

Steve Cooper -
Chief Delivery Officer, Ogi

“I can safely say that without Trenches Law’s guidance when we approached them to help us obtain Code powers, it would’ve remained a pipe-dream for our business. This is a vital piece of the overall jigsaw and assists in our company growth. We can’t thank the team enough for their expertise, patience and support throughout.”

Alan Cameron -
Managing Director, GigaAir
Untitled-1_0003_AAA Media Mono 2020

“We engaged Trenches Law to progress our plans to install a green wall for a significant new London office development, and up to 16 neighbouring terraced properties for residents. However, we were faced with strict planning deadlines – and each property was under different ownership – so we required an expert who understood all these factors and could deliver expert advice in a swift and concise way. Trenches Law did exactly that. We knew what we needed to do when applying for a wayleave agreement, and we can’t thank Sharon McDermott and her team enough for their unwavering support.”

Darren Vogel -
Landlord and Director, AAA Media Ltd

“Having taken part in Trenches Law’s wayleave training sessions, I would highly recommend them to anyone keen to develop their specialist knowledge. The team is incredibly experienced in this area and it really shines through. We found the guidance very informative and for any future wayleave queries, we know we can rely on quality responses from George and her colleagues.”

Nick Bratt -
Business Development Manager, Swish Fibre

“If you want a trusted, specialist partner to help you successfully apply for Code powers, look no further than Trenches Law. Since our very first meeting, nothing was over complicated and the team’s industry knowledge and personal touch shone through. The responsiveness and commitment to progress everything ahead of schedule meant we didn’t have to chase OFCOM, and our application was never delayed. The entire process was completely effortless thanks to Trenches Law.”

Matthew Harrison -
Managing Director, Ociusnet

“I can’t believe how easy and painless Trenches Law made the entire process of securing Code powers. I originally went into this with an element of trepidation, believing the project to be complex and lengthy to complete. It was anything but this with Sharon and the team’s knowledge, and I’m excited to continue this strategic relationship for many years to come.”

Ross Williams -
Director, Stix Internet