Electric vehicle charging points

Ensuring your essential builds are both legally robust and delivered seamlessly.

Supporting the UK’s drive towards net zero carbon emissions by 2050 is, no doubt, a collective effort. Nationwide organisations large and small are implementing – or preparing to introduce – green initiatives to ensure they’re powering forward with an eco-conscious mindset that not only protects our planet, but future-proofs their teams and businesses.

Electric vehicles (EV) will play a pivotal role throughout. And without wayleave agreements, the installation of charge points simply cannot take place.

Backed by decades of wayleave experience, our experts will help you navigate the often time-consuming and complex process so that your essential builds are both legally robust and delivered seamlessly. 

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We are preparing organisations across the country for a greener future.

Wayleave guidance

Providing commercial clients with wayleave guidance to negotiate agreements swiftly so the installation of EV charge points doesn’t stall.

Fleet vehicles

Supporting landowners, housing associations, local authorities, EV providers, and organisations with fleet vehicles to complete applications.

Increasing efficiency

  • Ensuring the process runs as smoothly as possible to complete projects, alongside helping you to grow at speed and contribute to the UK’s zero carbon emissions future.
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If you'd like to discuss our EV charging points services please get in touch with our specialist team.

Georgina Rudak - Head of Legal and Solicitor

George is a qualified Solicitor with vast experience in the telecoms industry. She supports clients with their commercial and/or telecoms legal challenges – whether these are one-off projects or part of a retained account. A knowledgeable industry commentator, George is also an ISPA UK council representative where she provides critical sector insight and valuable legal updates.