Wayleave services

Our team removes the inefficiencies associated with the traditional wayleave process.

We ensure telecoms operators and resellers are able to deliver their build plans faster and within budget so they can play their part in supporting the Government’s objective to provide nationwide access to gigabit capable speeds by 2025. To find out what’s involved in the wayleave process, check out our wayleave datasheet below.

An automated solution

A key phase of any network extension programme involves detailed analysis of your plans and the interrogation of the Land Registry database and other available sources. We have ploughed more than 600 hours into the development of a bespoke digital transformation project that can automate the investigation, creation and distribution of wayleaves. The new system is designed to handle tens of thousands more wayleaves per week, without the need for any additional human resources. Using our automated approach, you can cut out the error-prone, labour intensive and expensive hours required to complete these tasks manually.

Our award winning automated approach:

Automatic reports

Automatically runs reports allowing faster access to data, saving significant time.

Digital mapping

Overlays KMZ files onto Google Earth showing locations – allowing proposed builds to be digitally mapped, analysed and possibly altered.

Accurate data

Prioritises the main stakeholders/property owners within the build area.

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Using our automated solution

There are a number of benefits you'll immediately enjoy with our solution.

Enhanced efficiency

Run multiple automated reports concurrently rather than by hand.

Improved visibility

Use a combination of digital solutions and geographic registers to view planned routes more clearly and accurately.

Agile planning

Adapt network routes in response to insight from Land Registry and mapping activities.

Improved visibility

Use a combination of digital solutions and geographic registers to view planned routes more clearly and accurately.

Hear from our experts

We regularly provide insights on wayleaves and latest developments.

The Telecommunications Infrastructure (Leasehold Property) Act (TILP) recently received Royal Assent. But what does this mean for the industry, and, most importantly, UK consumers keen to benefit from better connectivity? Who better to ask than Till Sommer, Head of Policy at the Internet Service Providers Association…?
Key Point of contact

If you'd like to discuss a wayleave please get in touch with our specialist team.

Katie Fosten - Head of Client Services

Katie is focused on nurturing existing client relationships and helping organisations reach their build targets. A former property and Wayleave Manager, she has an exceptional rapport with clients. Katie is a team motivator and someone who brings energy to every task and will continue to play a key role in how Trenches Law builds positive and authentic partnerships with companies large and small.