Trenches Law’s 14 highlights from 2023

As we bid farewell to 2023, Trenches Law takes a moment to reflect on the milestones and successes that have defined our journey over the past year. From empowering the next generation to advancing in legal consultation, to new appointments, industry recognition, and fostering community connections, join us as we revisit some of the key moments that have shaped our path.

Why isn’t the EV market talking about wayleaves?

Besides much-talked about concerns such as range anxiety and high cost, progress in today’s electric vehicle (EV) roll-out is being largely hindered by lack of charging infrastructure. Without wayleave agreements in place, charge points simply can’t be installed. So, why is the market not talking about this?

Are we prepared for an EV future?

By 2030 the UK will require 300,000 public chargers in place. However, only 30,000 public chargers are currently online. So, how prepared are we for a greener, EV future? Hélène Maillet-Vioud, from Geldards law firm, provides further insight in our latest guest blog…

The road to the EV revolution – choosing the perfect charging locations

Oliver Shaw, Kalibrate

Wayleave services for electric vehicle (EV) charging points are currently in high demand at Trenches Law. So, for our latest guest blog, we invited Oliver Shaw – Chief Executive of decision-making platform, Kalibrate – into the hot seat. He is no stranger to retail pricing and location planning – not least in the EV sector. But is the UK truly ready for the EV revolution?