Shining a light on MDUs and MBUs

Bridging the digital divide in multi-dwelling units (MDUs) and multi-business units (MBUs) with Code powers

Imagine a world where every home and business is seamlessly connected. That’s our mission at Trenches Wayleave Limited (Trenches Law), where we’re using our Ofcom granted Code powers to help bridge the digital divide in some of the UK’s most overlooked communities.

Our end-to-end approach ensures that occupants in MDUs and MBUs have access to high-speed, reliable internet services. As a neutral intermediary, we’ll ensure seamless communication between stakeholders from start to finish — avoiding costly delays and removing the logistical headaches of network builds. 

There are even more tangible benefits too, including:

A unique investment

  • With lower build prices promoting a more promising prospect for deployments in MDUs/MBUs

Your digital footprint

  • Catalysing enhanced digital infrastructure for landlords

No more bureaucratic hassles

  • Enabling landlords to focus on providing quality living spaces for tenants and improving the value of their spaces

By 2030, the UK government wants to offer gigabit broadband in 99% of all residences – with a special focus on MDUs.

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Terry Daniell - Operations Director and Founder

Having worked in the telecoms industry for more than 25 years, Terry understands this environment inside out. He began his career as an outside broadcast engineer for BT and progressed to managing the service relationships with some of BT’s largest customers. More recently, Terry specialised in the wholesale sales channel at Virgin Media and managed numerous relationships within the reseller, carrier and mobile sectors – including Virgin Media’s biggest wholesale customer. He has a wealth of technical knowledge, remains abreast with the industry’s ever-changing developments and is a friendly, likeable member of the team.