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As we bid farewell to 2023, Trenches Law takes a moment to reflect on the milestones and successes that have defined our journey over the past year. From empowering the next generation to advancing in legal consultation, to new appointments, industry recognition, and fostering community connections, join us as we revisit some of the key moments that have shaped our path.
In a digital age where seamless connectivity is crucial for work, communication, and progress, there's a segment of the population that continues to be underserved: Multi-Dwelling Units (MDUs). Recognising this gap, we’ve taken a significant step to help bridge the divide by requesting Code powers from Ofcom. And now, our fate lies in the hands of our Ofcom consultation — live as of 5 September 2023.
Most operators are familiar with the benefits that Code powers bring when it comes to building and maintaining UK networks, but the perceived time and costs associated with an application to Ofcom deter many from tackling the paperwork. Here, Sharon McDermott, founder of Trenches Law and an experienced telecoms lawyer advises how to prepare the perfect submission…