Connected Britain

Trenches Law appoints Simon Burckhardt as non-executive director

Leading telecoms law specialist Trenches Law has announced the strategic hire of a new non-executive director, as the firm furthers its ambitions to bridge the UK’s digital divide in Multi-Dwelling Units (MDUs). The news of the significant addition to the business’ leadership team comes just days after its Code powers consultation with Ofcom was released.

Agile legal services for disruptive altnet

When ambitious network provider Digital Infrastructure emerged in the connectivity market, the team sought the legal counsel of a partner with the same level of drive and experience as them. Aware of our reputation in the telecoms industry, they came to Trenches Law…

Seven key legal insights in the evolving EV landscape

While EV adoption is picking up pace across the UK, the public charger roll out is not keeping the same momentum. And with an ambitious government target on the horizon for 2030, it won’t be long before new petrol and diesel cars will be removed from the market altogether.

The trouble is, it’s not just about fast-tracking approvals of EV infrastructure. What operators often don’t realise, is that strategies need to be more streamlined from the outset. And all too often, we’re seeing how legal oversights in the early stages of planning are creating significant stalls on EV charge point installations.

Here, Georgina Rudak – Head of Legal at Trenches Law – delves deeper into the importance of wayleaves in building an EV future, and offers some food-for-thought on other emerging market insights. 

Barriers to connectivity: how innovation could be hindering progress

Tim Mercer — CEO of cloud-first technology firm, Vapour — joins Trenches Law for the second instalment of our barriers busting series. Penning some thoughts on the underlying challenges brought by innovation, he shares some crucial perspective on how taking a more holistic view of tech and infrastructure needs — with a closer eye on ROI — could help boost progress in the telecoms sector.

Barriers to connectivity: the paradox of industry regulation

Gita Sorensen is the Founder and Managing Director of GOS Consulting – a specialised regulatory, economics, and strategy consultancy, with deep-rooted expertise in the electronic communications sector.

We’re exhibiting at Connected Britain!

In less than one month’s time, the Trenches Law team will take to the stand at the UK’s most renowned connectivity event, sharing insight into the crucial role of wayleaves in streamlining full fibre projects.

How wayleave expertise is helping us to connect the Isle of Wight

Trenches Law is supporting Internet Service Provider, WightFibre, in its mission to roll-out ultrafast broadband to around 80,0000 homes on the Isle of Wight. Here, the firm’s CEO, John Irvine, explains why swift wayleave agreements have been critical to keeping the project on track.

Why we believe collaboration is the key to a Connected Britain

In this blog, Head of Legal at Trenches Law, Georgina Rudak, elaborates on the work we’ve achieved together with BeFibre, to highlight the importance of collaboration in the broadband industry.