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Why we believe collaboration is the key to a Connected Britain

In this blog, Head of Legal at Trenches Law, Georgina Rudak, elaborates on the work we’ve achieved together with BeFibre, to highlight the importance of collaboration in the broadband industry.

Launching a brand is no mean feat to say the least. It not only takes countless hours to develop, but it requires a lot of specialists to come together and live and breathe one common goal.

For BeFibre, a brand-new broadband network Internet Service Provider launched to connect 80 UK towns and cities with full fibre coverage by 2027, the collaborative efforts made alongside industry specialists have been a key driver of their rapid evolution and success to date. We feel incredibly privileged to have been one of those trusted partners.

To delve into exactly what our collective efforts have entailed, Head of Legal at Trenches Law, Georgina Rudak, elaborates on the work we’ve achieved together…

It’s always exciting when you get the chance to make a difference to a brand that’s as like-minded as your own.

That’s what we discovered when we began working with BeFibre.

As an up-and-coming Internet Service Provider, it wasn’t shackled by a legacy customer base or infrastructure, and therefore had the freedom to challenge the status quo as it officially burst onto the scene in the latter part of 2021.

In our world, we like to see ourselves as not only trusted advisors to some of the UK’s largest telecoms operators, but also a straight-talking organisation – we’re nothing like your average law firm. And that’s why we felt able to collaborate with a like-minded industry disruptor.

From the get-go, BeFibre was clear in what it wanted to achieve. There was an opportunity to start from a blank piece of paper and get stuck into tackling the problems that customers were experiencing with their current broadband provider.

How to fix the industry’s ‘broken promises’

Unfortunately, there are many broken promises made when it comes to a customer buying a broadband package. When they purchase it for a certain price, the speeds aren’t always what they paid for. For example, a lot of providers will offer packages of up to X amount of Mbps, but then when it’s plugged in, many recipients are only receiving a fraction of that speed.

It’s like going food shopping, paying for a product at full price but only receiving half of it when you place it back into your trolley.

That’s why it was so exciting to be able to explore further into why BeFibre was so passionate about fulfilling promises. The team wanted to start again with broadband provision and – with sister company Digital Infrastructure on hand to build a brand-new full fibre network all the way to the property (FTTP) – BeFibre can confidently offer speeds up to 13x faster than competitors, and practice what it preaches.

It’s powerful to be able to work alongside a brand that is not only a challenger company for all the right reasons, but which places the customer at the heart of it all.

For Trenches Law – an organisation that specialises in wayleave support, legal counsel, and electric vehicle services – that presented us with a brilliant opportunity to get involved.

Helping BeFibre to set-up – by reviewing and providing legal policies, terms and conditions and reviewing the website to ensure everything was built on a foundation of truth and integrity – it was a varied, challenging and fulfilling project to be involved in.

While BeFibre is now officially up and running and already connecting many of its 80 towns and cities it has earmarked over the next five years, at Trenches Law we can look back on our initial work with pride.

It’s been an open and collaborative partnership that we envisage will only get stronger and grow over the years. Plus, we’re going to be exploring more exciting opportunities together… Watch this space!


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