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Adroit Cloud Consulting is a DevOps and digital transformation consultancy, built and run by experts in the field to help leverage the complexities of cloud computing. Founded in 2020 by ex-BP engineers, Pavneet Khural and Thomas Hudson, the company has gone from strength to strength – particularly with the support of the legal counsel of Trenches Law.
Award-winning, tech-first telco challenger brand, Virtual1, has been built from the ground up to become the biggest, most advanced wholesale-only network in the UK. Existing to accelerate business through innovations in cloud, connectivity and security, the London-headquartered firm is the chosen partner of six of the top 10 global network carriers, as well as resellers and system integrators.
As the industry reacts to the ever-evolving COVID-19 pandemic, operators throughout the channel are being forced to make unprecedented decisions daily. Sharon McDermott – a legal professional with 30 years’ telecoms experience and founder of Trenches Law – recently spoke exclusively to Technology Reseller, observing the impact that different responses could have on resellers, when we hopefully emerge on the other side of this health crisis.