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Does a full fibre future present opportunities for resellers to transform end-to-end providers of telecoms services?

With the ISDN switch-off anticipated to happen in 2025, and the withdrawal of copper-based services occurring a year later, these two phases alone mean everyone will have to revisit their connectivity in one shape or form.

That in itself is cause for celebration for the channel as this opens up the doors for resellers to accelerate conversations with organisations about how they’re preparing for these shutdowns. We asked Neil Wilson, product strategy director at tech-first telco Virtual1, about the exciting opportunities that vendors now have to open up critical dialogue…

What was business as usual 18 months ago is completely different now – and that’s great news for resellers. For those individuals who are eager to drive authentic pipeline opportunities, there’s no longer an ‘excuse’ to hold a call with a business leader about a solution they might like – now it’s a necessity.

During COVID, there was a concern that connectivity would decline as offices were left stagnant following the mass move to working from home. However, in fact we’ve seen the complete opposite.

While the pandemic has brought about the single biggest change to working life, it’s also accelerated innovation. Providing hybrid options for staff is now considered ‘the norm’ as businesses continue to explore different ways in how they can ensure they’re more resilient should the worst happen again.

And that significant step-change – concerning the amount of connectivity any one individual needs today – is an absolute goldmine for the vendor community.

How can resellers capitalise on the evolving workplace of the future?

In response, partners must have their fingers firmly on the pulse. They need to be offering technology that facilitates how a forward-thinking organisation should now operate – from combatting threat vectors to engaging staff and increasing productivity. Armed with security-first options and flexible bandwidth provision, vendors have the solutions that companies won’t soon be able to live without.

That’s why it’s an incredibly exciting time for both the channel and the telecoms industry. It’s no longer about what your organisation has, but what systems they need in place to enable a hyper-connected future.

What we were able to cope with pre-pandemic is a very different story now. Employees today expect high-speed solutions at their fingertips so they can carry out their working day without interruptions. Does that mean organisations should be considering home connectivity to support workers in future? I believe so.

It doesn’t stop there either. Company leaders should be thinking about having office-like SLAs in place with guaranteed fix times should a staff member’s connection go down. On top of that, if individuals do experience issues, a cellular back-up product means their workforce will never miss a beat.

And what does that all mean for vendors? Huge upsell opportunities. So, if partners are not already having these types of conversations with organisations to get the right building blocks in place straightaway, now’s the time to do so before a competitor steals a march.

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