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Trenches Law celebrates seven years of industry impact

This month, on 28 June, Trenches Law is proud to mark its seventh birthday. Founded in 2017 with a mission to provide straight-talking, business-changing legal support, the company has built an enviable reputation as the go-to expert for telecom operators, tech start-ups, and others. Now, when taking stock of the strides it has made to date, the team celebrates its relentless pursuit for innovation, seasoned expertise, and customer-first approach that has made reaching this milestone possible.

In 2020, Trenches Law revolutionised the market with its award-winning wayleave automation tool. This pioneering solution drastically streamlined the wayleave process — a critical step in the deployment of telecoms infrastructure — cementing its role as a vital partner in accelerating the rollout of gigabit-capable, full fibre networks across the UK. The firm’s proactive approach continued with the launch of an end-to-end surveying package designed to prevent avoidable delays, ensuring efficient and timely infrastructure deployment.

But Trenches Law’s influence extends beyond innovative tools and services, having also been instrumental in the delivery of the ‘National Parks Accord.’ This collaborative initiative, aimed at revolutionising broadband delivery in England’s ten National Parks, set out to ensure even the most remote areas benefit from high-speed internet connectivity.

Additionally, the firm was granted Code powers by Ofcom in 2023, enabling it to enhance digital infrastructure in multi-dwelling units (MDUs) and multi-business units (MBUs), further solidifying its leadership in the telecoms legal sector. The team has also made significant contributions to industry initiatives, working closely with operators’ marketing and PR teams to build brand recognition and accelerate connectivity progress across the UK.

Other highlights from the past 12 months alone include the appointment of non-executive director, Simon Burckhardt, winning a duo of titles at the Learning Excellence Awards, achieving passive fire protection certification, and contributing to leading industry journals such as Law Society Gazette, Total Telecom, Fibre Provider, and more.

As the reseller landscape brings new complexities, conversations are naturally growing in other areas of the telecoms sector too. Terry Daniell comments on the growing intricacies facing the channel: “Cyber security concerns, increased stakeholder involvement, priority green agendas, and enhanced customer service are just some of the concerns keeping our customers awake at night. These factors preoccupy firms daily, leaving little time to understand the nuances of legal contracts, let alone consider how terms can be improved for all parties.

“This is where Trenches Law steps in — resellers increasingly seek our expertise to decode contracts and ensure mutually beneficial agreements. With finances coming into sharper focus, ensuring every investment our clients make is truly value-adding, is key.”

The firm’s approach to legal support is rooted in co-founder and managing director Sharon McDermott’s unique journey. Starting her career handling complaints in a telecoms sales admin role, she developed a keen interest in law through interactions with solicitors, then pursued her aspirations with determination. Sharon’s experiences, from working at Telewest and undergoing rigorous training, laid the foundation for Trenches Law. Her commitment to open and honest communication, influenced by her in-house legal counsel experience, continues to drive the firm’s client-centric approach.

“Our journey is deeply rooted in resilience and a strong work ethic, inspired by my personal background and my father’s legacy,” says Sharon. “The name ‘Trenches Law’ itself is a tribute to our family history and the values of perseverance and unity.”

Trenches Law’s leadership is not only defined by innovation but also by advocacy and representation. Sharon McDermott and Georgina Rudak, head of legal, are prominent figures on the WISPA and ISPA advisory boards, respectively. Their roles highlight Trenches Law’s commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion within the telecoms industry, and combating disparities that hamper progress.

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