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National Parks Accord marks significant achievement for Trenches Law

We’ve had a busy first quarter of 2023 — including notable client achievements, a presence at critical industry events, and a trip to the USA for the inaugural Connected America expo. But earlier in the year, we also marked a milestone achievement in collaboration with Building Digital UK, National Parks England, and Openreach.

As the country progresses its gigabit capable connectivity ambitions, the new ‘National Parks Accord’ — which our four parties worked hard to devise — has created a standardised approach to the delivery of next generation broadband in England’s ten National Parks.

With the telecommunications industry hungry to break down barriers, reduce risks, lower costs, increase efficiencies, and streamline network rollouts, the accord is an important step that supports better connectivity in rural locations, while protecting the landscape in these preservation areas.

Covering everything from network planning requirements and environmental impact assessments to engagements, consultations, and monitoring processes, it is hoped that the straight-talking guidance will strengthen communication between internet service providers (ISPs), and the National Park Authorities.

Ultimately, explains Trenches’ head of legal Georgina Rudak, this is about supporting an inclusive and connected future for everyone.

“We’re very lucky to have so many areas of natural beauty and historic interest in England, so we should collectively do everything we can to preserve our National Parks,” she said.

“But these locations also need to benefit from the same connectivity potential as other parts of the country, if they’re to realise long-term economic and societal growth. We talk so much about the importance of digital inclusion — and quite rightly — so it’s crucial that rural areas aren’t left behind, just because these builds are more complex.

“That’s why our four organisations have combined their collective knowledge and experience to devise an accord that will maximise the delivery of gigabit-capable broadband, in a way that protects the special qualities of our National Parks. With such a vast amount of telecoms law and wayleave expertise at Trenches, it was a pleasure to be involved.”

To read the accord in full, please visit the Government website.


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