National Parks Accord marks significant achievement for Trenches Law

We’ve had a busy first quarter of 2023 — including notable client achievements, a presence at critical industry events, and a trip to the USA for the inaugural Connected America expo.

But earlier in the year, we also marked a milestone achievement in collaboration with Building Digital UK, National Parks England, and Openreach.

How our wayleave expertise is helping to boost the economy and connect thousands of homes in south Wales

At Trenches Law, we want to see more rural communities staying connected, which is why we team up with companies such as leading internet company, Ogi. Find out more about our involvement in its multi-million pound full fibre roll-out taking place right across south Wales.

Are you compliant with the Telecommunications (Security) Act?

Timo Kuusela, PacketFront

Following the passing of the Telecoms Security Bill in December 2021, the legislation states that non-compliance can result in hefty penalties of up to £100,000 per day for network providers. So, what does this mean for you as a telecoms operator?