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60 seconds with Alex Lawrence: A paralegal’s pursuit of becoming a solicitor

In a world where learning shows no bounds, the notion that academia ends with school has never felt so outdated. Today, exploring new horizons and building a career that truly inspires and fulfils you is actively encouraged by many. Alex Lawrence, paralegal at Trenches Law, stands as an inspiring example that it’s never too late to pivot.

A snapshot of 2023 telecoms industry updates to-date

From transatlantic insights to local initiatives, join us as we break down the developments that have made waves throughout the telecoms arena in the first half (and a bit!) of 2023.

Bespoke wayleave training empowers altnet’s full fibre deployment in MDUs

Multi-layered and increasingly complex to navigate, even the savviest of UK altnets don’t utilise the full potential of their Code powers — hindering their ability to negotiate effectively and overcome obstacles hampering network deployment. Explore how our personalised wayleave training and legal counsel enabled community-led altnet Lightning Fibre to overcome challenges with unresponsive landlords and accelerate their full fibre installations in MDUs with ease…

Connecting with… Debra Rowberry

In our latest employee spotlight, we’re putting wayleave officer Debra Rowberry in the hotseat — learning more about her role at Trenches Law, dream client, sector inspiration, and how she switches off when she’s ‘out of office’.

15 game-changing milestones in Trenches Law’s sixth year

It’s a time of celebration here at Trenches Law, as we mark our sixth year in the telecoms law industry. While we reflect on the milestones we’ve achieved, the exceptional talent we’ve brought on board, and the valuable partnerships we’ve formed, we are filled with gratitude for the journey so far, and eager anticipation for what’s to come.

Pride Month: why diversity and inclusion matters 365 days a year

Family is a term that’s thrown around in the modern workplace. Many employers claim to treat their teams like a family, but this may fit a traditional mould that’s not in keeping with today’s society.

Connecting with… Rebecca Short

Get to know more about Rebecca Short, one of our wayleave officers here at Trenches Law — including her highlights at the business, how she loves going for walks with her dog Geoffrey, and why building relationships with managing agents and freeholders makes her feel so fulfilled.

What a difference a year makes: Trenches Law’s learning and development progress

It’s a time to mark milestones here at Trenches Law this month, as we celebrate one year of Phill Stockdale-Woodhead’s expertise. Phill joined the team in April 2022 and has since made huge strides as our business partner for HR and learning.

Trenches Law founder joins WISPA advisory board

Sharon McDermott — the founder and managing director of Trenches Law — has been appointed as a non-exec on the advisory board of WISPA (Wireless Internet Service Providers’ Association). 

Seven key legal insights in the evolving EV landscape

While EV adoption is picking up pace across the UK, the public charger roll out is not keeping the same momentum. And with an ambitious government target on the horizon for 2030, it won’t be long before new petrol and diesel cars will be removed from the market altogether.

The trouble is, it’s not just about fast-tracking approvals of EV infrastructure. What operators often don’t realise, is that strategies need to be more streamlined from the outset. And all too often, we’re seeing how legal oversights in the early stages of planning are creating significant stalls on EV charge point installations.

Here, Georgina Rudak – Head of Legal at Trenches Law – delves deeper into the importance of wayleaves in building an EV future, and offers some food-for-thought on other emerging market insights.