How we’re addressing Britain’s digital divide in accessing high-speed broadband

Learn more about how we’re helping to bridge the UK’s digital divide, and access our FREE guide to delivering high-speed broadband to multi-dwelling units (MDUs).

A snapshot of 2023 telecoms industry updates to-date

From transatlantic insights to local initiatives, join us as we break down the developments that have made waves throughout the telecoms arena in the first half (and a bit!) of 2023.

A day in the life of… wayleave officer, Kelly Hope

At Trenches Law, we’re a progressive organisation with a team of employees possessing a range of extremely varied skills. So, we decided to let some of our staff fill you in on what their typical working day looks like. Next up is wayleave officer, Kelly Hope…

Bespoke wayleave training empowers altnet’s full fibre deployment in MDUs

Multi-layered and increasingly complex to navigate, even the savviest of UK altnets don’t utilise the full potential of their Code powers — hindering their ability to negotiate effectively and overcome obstacles hampering network deployment. Explore how our personalised wayleave training and legal counsel enabled community-led altnet Lightning Fibre to overcome challenges with unresponsive landlords and accelerate their full fibre installations in MDUs with ease…

Why isn’t the EV market talking about wayleaves?

Besides much-talked about concerns such as range anxiety and high cost, progress in today’s electric vehicle (EV) roll-out is being largely hindered by lack of charging infrastructure. Without wayleave agreements in place, charge points simply can’t be installed. So, why is the market not talking about this?

Wayleave issues threaten to widen the digital divide

Terry Daniell, Trenches Law

Recently, co-founder of Trenches Law, Terry Daniell, was interviewed by Fibre Provider on the topic of wayleave issues currently being faced. If you missed the article, catch it in full here…

The road to the EV revolution – choosing the perfect charging locations

Oliver Shaw, Kalibrate

Wayleave services for electric vehicle (EV) charging points are currently in high demand at Trenches Law. So, for our latest guest blog, we invited Oliver Shaw – Chief Executive of decision-making platform, Kalibrate – into the hot seat. He is no stranger to retail pricing and location planning – not least in the EV sector. But is the UK truly ready for the EV revolution?