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A day in the life of… wayleave officer, Kelly Hope

At Trenches Law, we’re a progressive organisation with a team of employees possessing a range of extremely varied skills. So, we decided to let some of our staff fill you in on what their typical working day looks like. Next up is wayleave officer, Kelly Hope…

What time does your day start and what’s the first thing you do?

My working day starts at 9am — although my day as a whole usually begins at around 6:30am. The first thing I do when I get into the office is check my emails and respond to anything that has come in throughout the evening prior.

What does the rest of your morning routine look like before work begins?

I have a child of school age, so my early morning routine includes rushing around making packed lunches for us both, as well as dropping him off at school.

Your working day starts – what’s first on your list?

The first thing I do is work through my email inbox, to make sure communication is running seamlessly at all times between my clients and colleagues. Now we have Hamish the hamster (our office pet), I’ll make sure to check on her periodically throughout the day too.

What one item could you not be without to help you do your job?

The HM Land Registry — to find out the freeholder of the property/land we are trying to obtain a wayleave for.

How do you prioritise your tasks for the day?

I have a Trenches Law ‘things to do today’ pad, which I keep updated with all my work and things I need to remember. 

Lunchtime arrives – how do you spend this time? 

I spend the majority of my lunch breaks at my desk, but on occasions my dog Bambi (Trenches’ paw-ject manager) comes into the office with me, so I spend my time walking her.

Does your day typically consist of meetings and if so how many/how do you prefer to fit these into the day?

Yes, my day often consists of meetings. This could be with a client, fellow colleagues or even freeholders. We aim to have the meetings either early start or towards the end of the day, to ensure I have plenty of time to continue my workload. 

When does your working day finish?

My official end to my workday is 5pm, but I sometimes have a few other bits to box off.

How do you get ready for the next day?

I clear down my desk and make sure I have my ‘to-do’ list ready for the following day.

What’s your wind-down tactic on an evening?

I have recently learnt to swim, which helps me relax. When I am not swimming, I enjoy doing anything craft related. 

What mantra do you live by?

Always be kind.

What piece of advice would you give to anyone considering becoming a wayleave officer?

Having patience is a great skill. Sometimes it can take a long time to achieve your objectives.

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