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A Day in the Life of… Colin Mapleson, Wayleave Officer

At Trenches Law, we’re a progressive organisation with a team of employees possessing a range of extremely varied skills. So, we decided to let some of our staff fill you in on what their typical working day looks like – next up is Colin Mapleson, one of our Wayleave Officers…

What time does your day start and what’s the first thing you do?

I’m generally up at around 06:30 and it’s shower, a few stretches, then straight into the task that every parent of school-age kids has of getting them out of bed!

What does the rest of your morning routine look like before work begins?

It’s quite hectic and involves making sure that my two children are fed, dressed, have everything ready that they need for school, and leave the house on time – that’s the plan anyway! If I’m not travelling to the office that day, I log on to my laptop, get my first caffeine fix lined up and check for any virtual meetings that have been arranged for the day. It’s then waving the kids off or getting them into the car for the school drop off.

Your working day starts – what’s first on your list?

I read through any emails or messages that may have appeared overnight and try to answer any that can be responded to quickly. I also check our workflow system for cases that have either been set for an update or to be worked on during the day and prioritise these.

What one item could you not be without to help you do your job?

Working with colleagues from various locations across the UK, means collaboration is key. We use MS Teams for sharing ideas, formulating strategies and procedures plus holding both internal and external meetings. It’s an essential tool used not only in our day-to day-running of the client project I’m currently working on, but throughout the company as a whole.

How do you prioritise your tasks for the day?

Although every query is important, our workflow system allows us to see exactly when a case requires updating. I simply filter to the appropriate date, and ensure that those cases are responded to or followed up, before I reply to any requests that have appeared in my inbox.

Lunchtime arrives – how do you spend this time?

If I don’t have any errands to run, then I take lunch away from my desk as I feel it’s important to recharge. I sometimes expel any additional energy I have by going for a lunchtime run. Even slightly different surroundings can help me to find the headspace to formulate new ideas or solutions to cases I’m working on.

Does your day typically consist of meetings and if so how many/how do you prefer to fit these into the day?

My team have regular calls over MS Teams and I think it’s important to see a face every day, which helps now that I carry out most of my working week at home. The company also has meetings often, so I get to see colleagues in other areas of the business across the country.

When does your working day finish?

My day officially ends at 5pm, but if there is an important call or email that needs my attention, I will finish that before logging off for the day. The calls from my kids of ‘daddy, let’s play’ often assist with that too!

How do you get ready for the next day?

I make a note of anything I haven’t been able to finish so I’m ready to go immediately when I get back to it. Then I always tidy up so I’m happy with what I see when I sit down the next morning!

What’s your wind-down tactic on an evening?

If family logistics allow, I’ll disappear for a run or a bike ride straight away, or more often than not I’ll start prepping for the meal in the evening, whilst catching up with the day’s family goings on.

What mantra do you live by?

Be polite, be respectful and never be afraid to fail.

What piece of advice would you give to anyone considering becoming a Wayleave Officer?

Just take that step and do it now! I’m from a completely unrelated work background, but the role utilises so many transferable skills, and the ability to communicate with others on every level certainly helps! The support from everyone at Trenches Law has been truly amazing and helped me feel valued and appreciated from the start – but at the same time I realise there is still so much to learn!

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