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All new-build homes to be connected to gigabit fibre

Digital Secretary Oliver Dowden announced on Tuesday 17 March that the Government will legislate to ensure all new-build homes are provided with gigabit fibre.

This is a significant step in the Prime Minister’s strategy to accelerate the nationwide rollout of ultrafast broadband.

The benefits are vast – it enables people to work from home more easily and efficiently, plus allow homes to stream TV and films on multiple devices at the same time.

The introduction of the new legislation means developers are legally required to install a high-quality digital infrastructure at the start and as an integral part of their building plans.

Trenches Law is well positioned and connected to support with the wayleave services, leaning on its relationship with developers and landowners to allow a smooth and efficient provision, negotiation and completion of the necessary wayleave documentation.

This will help operators speed up the process and meet their build targets.

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