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Connecting with… Sonja Momchilovikj

In this month's employee spotlight, we're learning more about one of our wayleave officers, Sonja Momchilovikj — who currently operates overseas in Macedonia.

Since entering the market space as a single person’s passion in 2017, Trenches Law has evolved significantly. Blending technological innovation with some of the industry’s finest talent, we’ve grown to become one of the most renowned legal firms in a fast-growth sector. Our ever-expanding trophy cabinet is evidence of our impact!

But it’s the commitment and expertise of our people who make these high standards so achievable. That’s why, in our new-look spotlight, we’re keen to tell you a little bit more about them. Next up, it’s our Wayleave Officer, Sonja Momchilovikj. Take it away, Sonja Momchilovikj…


Tell us a little bit about your role, and the part you play in Trenches Law’s success:

I am trained to perform tasks in the wayleave department, where I work remotely with my amazing team. Although no two days are ever the same, my role as a wayleave officer predominantly involves contacting property owners — directly or through their property managers — as well as individuals and companies, and offering insight into why the future of internet is in full fibre.

Because our client base is largely comprised of licenced internet operators, this helps them with their installation objectives on private land, and feeds into the government’s ambitious 2025 targets.


And what attracted you to the job in the first place? 

 As I am working remotely from abroad, with my residency in Macedonia, I wanted to make a big change in my career — operating in a completely new field, with a different working environment. I have always had a penchant for transitioning into the telecoms sector in one way or another, and Trenches Law provided me with an excellent opportunity to do exactly that.


What’s been a key highlight for you career-wise, during your time at the business?

Every time I obtain a signature on a wayleave agreement, I feel like I finished one chapter with success, and at the same time the next one is opening up. Challenges are par for the course of every wayleave project — requiring lots of patience, experience, knowledge and cooperation — but it’s always such a rewarding experience to overcome them.


Finish the following sentence: Trenches Law is…

Full of extraordinary people, who are ready to extend their professional support when confidence is required, but prepared to have a laugh together and make the days feel even more fulfilling too.


Who would be your dream client, and why?

At the moment, I love all the clients I am working with! Although each one is completely different and requires a different approach, I wouldn’t change them for any other.


Name another organisation you think is making waves in the sector right now:

 There are so many small-sized companies that are very deserving of their success — trying to earn their position in this very large field by being efficient and productive with their customers and clients. I couldn’t possibly pinpoint one specifically!


What do you think is one of the biggest challenges in the telecoms space right now, and how can it be overcome? 

 Lack of qualified surveyors has been an obstacle in the fibre installation process for some time now. Trenches Law launched its very own surveying service at the beginning of this year to help combat this, which focuses particularly on streamlining the roll-out for MDUs — providing freeholders with better understanding of the end-to-end process, as well as bespoke planning packs, and access to fully-trained professionals.


Tell us something you’d like to achieve over the next twelve months, both individually and as part of the business? 

 Closing as many wayleave agreements as possible is something that would make me feel both proud and satisfied — not only for my own fulfilment, but for the wider Trenches Law team, and on behalf of the property owners tapping into full fibre’s potential too.

After the pandemic, I am convinced that health is the most important thing in everybody’s life too — without it, nothing could be achieved to the best of people’s ability. So, that’s also really important for me.


Values play a key role in strengthening Trenches Law’s culture. Can you tell us what being ‘visionary’ means to you? 

 Someone with strong ideas and clear goals for the future, as well as understanding which achievements would be beneficial for the company as a whole. There are so many ‘visionary’ people in the Trenches Law team, who are expertly carving a successful path for the business, as a collective.


Finally, how do you switch off when you’re ‘out of office’? 

 I just check-out of my Zoho People account and I`m off! Most of the time, I spend it with my two boys (actually three, when counting my husband too!) — hiking in the countryside, climbing the nearby mountains, and enjoying coffee with friends. When I have more spare time, I love reading a good book.


Thanks Sonja Momchilovikj! If you enjoyed learning more about our Wayleave Officer, you’ll love reading the content we share over on LinkedIn and Twitter. Why not follow us? 

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