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Connecting with… Wayleave Officer, Amy Marshman

Exploring more about her role and the part she plays in Trenches Law's success, musing over her dream client, and sharing how she switches off when she's 'out of office', we're learning more about Wayleave Officer, Amy Marshman.

Since entering the market space as a single person’s passion in 2017, Trenches Law has evolved significantly. Blending technological innovation with some of the industry’s finest talent, we’ve grown to become one of the most renowned legal firms in a fast-growth sector. Our ever-expanding trophy cabinet is evidence of our impact!

But it’s the commitment and expertise of our people who make these high standards so achievable. That’s why, in our new-look spotlight, we’re keen to tell you a little bit more about them. Next up, it’s our Wayleave Officer, Amy Marshman. Take it away, Amy Marshman…

Tell us a little bit about your role, and the part you play in Trenches Law’s success:

As a Wayleave Officer, I negotiate wayleaves for our telecoms clients, in order to lawfully gain access to existing equipment and/or install new infrastructure for future build plans. I also maintain strong relationships with freeholders, managing agents and solicitors, which I have built and transferred across a number of accounts.

And what attracted you to the job in the first place? 

I was looking for an exciting role that would challenge me. The opportunity at Trenches Law came up — and what better way to challenge yourself than to negotiate a legal document, on behalf of some of the industry’s largest organisations!

What’s been a key highlight for you career-wise, during your time at the business? 

This may sound cliché, but at Trenches Law we are more than just a number — we are a chosen family. I don’t need recognition or a pat on the back (even though we’re regularly praised for our achievements!) as I always feel appreciated.

There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t have a good old giggle with my colleagues, and that’s enough motivation for me.

Finish the following sentence: Trenches Law is…

Taking over the industry! (watch this space..)

Who would be your dream client, and why?

I’m a rooter for the underdog. So to assist any of the smaller local telecom providers, who are trying to compete with the larger organisations, have my vote. I love how they have local knowledge and actively give back to the community.

Name another organisation you think is making waves in the sector right now:

This may be biased, but I have to say Ogi! As a Cymraes (Welsh woman), it’s really refreshing to see an organisation focus solely on the rural Welsh towns that tend to be forgotten, and to bring its services to areas that quite often struggle to get fast speed connection.

What do you think is one of the biggest challenges in the telecoms space right now, and how can it be overcome? 

I would say that, since project gigabit has been launched by the government, a lot of telecoms organisations are competing to install their services in MDUs across the country. 

We specialise in wayleave law, and by building strong relationships with freeholders and managing agents, we are able to answer all of their concerns when it comes to having multiple services at the property — and how this really benefits them as freeholders.

Tell us something you’d like to achieve over the next twelve months, both individually and as part of the business? 

In both aspects, I want to continue to be the best version of me that I possibly can. Happy, healthy, and giving 100% to everything and everyone around me. An added bonus would be to have a garden full of goats, but I’d need a bigger garden first!

Values play a key role in strengthening Trenches Law’s culture. Can you tell us what being ‘visionary’ means to you? 

I believe that being visionary is being able to improve yourself both personally and professionally. A visionary person will take the time to think about what the future will look like within their personal life and work life, and what small changes need to be made to have a bigger, more positive, impact.

Finally, how do you switch off when you’re ‘out of office’? 

Although I work from home, I’d definitely consider myself a ‘home bird’. My home is my happy place, and I’m forever redecorating to change it up. If I’m not in my overalls doing some DIY, you’ll find me over a family member or friend’s house doing the odd jobs that they don’t want to do themselves (usually building something or other!). Other than that, probably out walking my dog along the river side.

Thanks Amy! If you enjoyed learning more about our Wayleave Officer, you’ll love reading the content we share over on LinkedIn and Twitter. Why not follow us? 

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