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Do you need to develop your wayleave knowledge? Now you can!

Trenches Law has officially launched a new personalised training package to help organisations better understand – and simplify – the complex process of wayleave.

Notorious for being one of the most multi-layered and important legal journeys that businesses must navigate on their way to successful network installations, it’s vital to be equipped with the knowledge to speed up – and streamline – the process in a cost-effective way.

Following our recent survey, in which participants described wayleave negotiations as being ‘outdated, complicated and lengthy’, we understand how easily the process can stall – and how frustrating that is.

So, having launched an automated solution and the Book of Wayleave, we want to further upskill more professionals to instil confidence and knowledge in this tricky process – and the legislation that’s involved throughout.

Whether you’re in the customer service or administration teams of your organisation, are an installer or simply want to develop your wayleave career, we’ll provide the level of guidance that suits your current expertise – from foundational support to a more advanced insight.

Once you’ve completed a 30-minute pre-training consultation, we’ll shape your objectives and deliver a highly tailored package to suit your specific business needs. You’ll also receive a desk guide complete with essential, engaging information that breaks down complex terminology into jargon-free information to further build your know-how.

The training has been developed by the Trenches’ telecoms law team, made up of specialists who possess years of experience within the fibre, connectivity, and technology infrastructure arenas – and will cover areas from ‘what is a wayleave?’, to the key considerations to make when serving statutory notices.

Having taken part in one of our wayleave sessions, Swish Fibre’s business development manager Nick Bratt, commented: “I would highly recommend this to other organisations keen to develop their specialist knowledge.

“The Trenches Law team is incredibly experienced in telecoms law and this really shines through. We found the guidance very informative and all the various scenarios we posed – no matter how complex – were answered with detailed examples.”

For more information and prices, contact our Learning & Development specialist Phill Stockdale-Woodhead on: or call 01256 856 888.

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