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Employee spotlight, Kevin Broome

Every person in the Trenches Law family is important to us, which is why we’ve decided to introduce you to a different member of the team each month – so you can learn more about them. In this Q&A, we’re finding out more about Kevin Broome, our Client Services Manager. Responsible for ensuring the quality and efficiency of our services, he plays a key role in our day-to-day operations…

Summarise your role in one paragraph

As a Client Services Manager, my responsibility is to ensure that Trenches Law continually delivers the highest quality of service – no matter the size or scope of the project. Committed to building honest, long-term relationships with our clients, it’s important that we meet – and exceed – their objectives every single time.

What is your favourite part of your position at Trenches Law?

The strong collaboration, as well as sharing of knowledge and expertise.

Our team is made up of so many forward-thinking professionals who each have a rich portfolio of experience – and being able to lean on one another means we can truly optimise our services.

Which one word do you think your colleagues would use to describe you?

Helpful, I’d hope.

What word do you think best describes Trenches Law?

Community. We’re all striving towards the same goal – which is to provide the best possible standard of legal support.

What’s been the most satisfying moment of your Trenches Law career so far?

There have been quite a few, but the one thing I have enjoyed recently is being able to engage with clients and partners face-to-face again.

The customer experience lies at the heart of everything we do, and there’s no better way to build rapport than to meet up in person.

If one of your colleagues could win an award (industry or office-related) who would it be and why?

As I’ve gotten to know them better, I’ve realised that some of my colleagues have quite the comedic streak – especially Amy Marshman and Sarah Cryer.

They are so close, and at the same time a lot of sibling rivalry is going on – it’s just great to see. So, it would have to be a joint comedy award for those two!

What are your hopes for Trenches Law in the coming year?

To gain more clients and work, so the business can continue with its impressive growth trajectory. This would also enable Trenches Law to bring on fresh talent, and upskill them to shape the future of the telecoms industry.

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