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Employee spotlight: Sally Collins

In this Q&A, we’re interviewing Sally Collins, our Wayleave Officer. Find out more about how her colleagues would describe her, the most satisfying moment of her career so far, and her hopes for Trenches Law...

Every person in the Trenches Law family is important to us, which is why we’ve decided to introduce you to a different member of the team each month – so you can learn more about them.

Summarise your role in one paragraph

As a Wayleave Officer, I am responsible for contacting – and negotiating with – all the various stakeholders that have an interest in the complex wayleave process.

What is your favourite part of your position at Trenches Law?

Working as part of a successful team, where everyone is available to help and share their knowledge, working collaboratively to achieve success for our clients.

Which one word do you think your colleagues would use to describe you?


What word do you think best describes Trenches Law?


What has been the most satisfying moment of your Trenches Law career so far?

Closing my first case. With this particular client there were many facets to complete for each site, which took lots of investigating, negotiating, and amendments to the wayleave agreement. The successful completion of this case now enables our client to upgrade their network to provide 5G to a rural location, allowing residents to connect to it and reap the benefits of fast connectivity. A great result for everyone!

If one of your colleagues could win an award (industry or office-related) who would it be and why?

Sharon McDermott, our co-founder and Managing Director, for being a trailblazer in creating the internal legal support team, which has been invaluable in assisting with legal queries since its inception.

What are your hopes for Trenches Law in the coming year?

To continue to be innovative and to support our clients’ digital journeys.

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