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Four years in business… and counting!

Recent times have not been easy for many organisations, but we’ve been humbled to see how companies have survived and thrived beyond the Covid-19 crisis. As we celebrate our fourth anniversary, we tasked Managing Director and co-founder Sharon McDermott to discuss a year to remember...

I doubt any of us could’ve predicted what happened on March 23rd, 2020, as the UK ventured into its first lockdown. It was a scary and unsettling time for many businesses, and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t worried about what that meant for Trenches Law.

As an organisation, I’m proud of the incredible journey we’ve been on together throughout such adversity. Collectively, every single employee who represents our company today has played a pivotal role in our response during a challenging 18 months.

While I know things remain unpredictable on a global scale, one thing I do know is that we have a progressive organisation that continues to achieve so much – and that hasn’t stopped since we were first established in 2017.

After taking the plunge to set up Trenches Law, my main goal was always to challenge the status quo and fill a market gap. As a result of our company’s bold vision, we’re celebrating our fourth year of business having experienced phenomenal growth, and become a trusted partner to some of the UK’s largest telecoms operators such as WightFibre, toob and ITS, alongside alt-nets, wholesalers and resellers.

Automating wayleaves to transform the telecoms industry

We’ve done it all by staying true to our core values since day one. I wanted us to be authentic and straight-talking specialists, and not be afraid to shake up the market because I knew we could offer a commercially savvy and industry-specific service that was regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority and would transform the world of telecoms.

And you don’t have to look too far to see that bold vision come to life following the successful launch of our automation system in September 2020. We invested more than 600 hours into its development so that it could intuitively handle tens of thousands more wayleaves per week, without the need for additional human resources.

This solution alone – spearheaded by our Operations Director and co-founder Terry Daniell – was something the industry stood up and took notice of. It transformed our revenue, and we grew by 220% in six months following the launch.

It’s also paved the way for us to produce a free downloadable ‘Book of Wayleave’ guide for telecoms operators and resellers and a tailored training package that Swish Fibre and Converged have already attended and used to enhance their knowledge. Plus, we’ve been able to evidence our industry expertise in the press, with publications including ISPreview, Digitalisation World and Comms Dealer covering our automation latest.

Growing towards a connected future – through talent, retention, and ambition

But let’s not ever forget, none of this can ever be achieved alone. All of the above has been a result of our fantastic talent who have come into the business and shown exactly why they’re the industry’s finest. Having tripled our headcount since the end of 2020, I can turn to anybody in the team and know they’re equipped to play a vital role in driving the UK towards a gigabit-capable future.

Colleagues have wasted no time in underlining their expertise – whether that’s been through speaking at UK WISPA, INCA and ISPA conferences and webinars, penning impactful blogs, engaging with clients and prospects on social media, compiling thought leadership articles, producing ‘talking heads’ style videos, featuring on a tech podcast, and becoming elected as a ISPA Council member. Their dedication over the years has been instrumental in how our brand has also evolved to align with our growth and goals.

Additionally, the Trenches Law team is set to play a huge role in some exciting and innovative projects we have on the horizon, and we might even have another office – a bit further north – to tell you about soon… Watch this space!

So, while it has been a year to remember in many ways, I’m really enjoying the company’s journey and am extremely thankful to everyone who has been there with us throughout every challenge and success. From the journalists we engage with – and who have helped to project our brand voice even further – to our brilliant clients, colleagues, friends and all who are connected to Trenches Law.

Thank you for a wonderful four years, here’s to many more!

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