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Introducing our new Book of Wayleave

It’s fair to say that the wayleave process is far from straightforward. In fact, it’s one of the most multi-layered and convoluted legal journeys that firms are required to navigate. However essential telecoms cables may be, the digging up of roads to enable this to happen requires a lengthy process, and one that, in 2020, should surely be simpler.

It was with great pride, therefore, that earlier this month we launched our brand new automated solution, capable of handling tens of thousands more wayleaves per week, and saving many businesses both time and money. And to demonstrate why we believe this will change the industry for the better, our Book of Wayleave has the answers…

At Trenches Law, we like to do things a bit differently. So, when the idea of creating a ‘Ladybird’ style book on the topic of wayleave was discussed, to coincide with the automation project launch, we jumped at this opportunity to provide a tongue-in-cheek account of just how laborious the process can be.

Historically an arduous task – that is often littered with lengthy and costly delays due to the many parties involved – our humorous ‘how it works’ book highlights the many issues faced when dealing with wayleaves, and in just five short chapters, exactly why this new system was required.

In an accurate portrayal of the tasks that can arise during standard wayleave operations, you’ll meet a range of characters – including Clive and Maureen, who are trying to help their client FabFibre to lay cables, and Bernadette, who has filled a wheelbarrow full of documentation required by client, Fiberrific.

Terry Daniell, co-founder and Operations Director at Trenches Law, said: “The book is very tongue-in cheek, but the problems faced are extremely accurate.

“The wayleave process is embarrassingly outdated, and its manual nature required a real overhaul to bring it up to speed with the current digital climate. With 20-30% of properties in a build project requiring wayleaves consent, we sought to execute the process in a quicker, simpler – and more precise – manner.”

Further development of the new technology has already been earmarked over the coming months, as additional functionality will be introduced to speed up negotiations and plans.

Further information on Trenches Law’s wayleave services, and a free download of the Book of Wayleave, is available here.

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