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Need help navigating complex legal challenges?

At Trenches Law, we’re proud to offer a variety of legal services. In this blog, we explain how our tailored approach can help you navigate through even the most complicated of legal challenges.

We have extensive experience when it comes to legal matters – having worked in the telecoms industry for over thirty years.  We therefore understand how it can be quite daunting when you are facing a particular situation which requires some level of legal knowledge, whether that be telecoms-related or a general commercial matter.

Our starting point is to always fully understand what it is you want to achieve and where you want to get to. Whilst some situations may naturally require a firm stance, we pride ourselves on being fair, respectful and above all, always trying to be amicable with the other side – which immediately sets the relationship off on the right path.  Above all, we always keep things simple, speak in plain English and do not try to impress by attempting to intimidate anyone.

Our menu of legal services spans general contract negotiation, drawing up contract templates, reviewing terms and conditions, Code Power applications, diversionary works advice and much more.

Specific telecommunications legal services include:

  • Code Power applications to OFCOM in accordance with the Communications Act 2003;
  • General advice on and negotiation of wayleave agreements;
  • Drafting, reviewing and negotiating terms and conditions for surveying, planning, civil works and other products or services including related Service Level Agreements;
  • Advice relating to the New Roads and Street Works Act;
  • Support with diversionary works;
  • Local Authority support in respect of civil works.

Whilst a number of our clients who use our legal services are either operators or resellers of electronic communications services, we do also have clients who are not in the telecoms sector.

We’re frequently tasked with wider commercial law matters that support business growth while ensuring legislative compliance. That’s why we quickly become a trusted extension of our clients’ teams.

Our commercial law services include:

  • General non-disclosure agreements and novations;
  • Management and resolution of all disputes and subsequent settlements;
  • Supplier management and related contractual obligations;
  • Review and preparation of letter agreements and letters of intent;
  • Advice and management of TUPE transfers.

We don’t just support large brands – we’re also a trusted partner for smaller firms who thought they couldn’t afford legal counsel.  We can support you on one-off matters or projects, or become an extension of your team as and when you need us.

If you need any legal, wayleave or commercial advice, or you would like to discuss how our team could help your business grow, please contact us to start the conversation Alternatively, visit our website for more information.

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