Bespoke wayleave training empowers altnet’s full fibre deployment in MDUs

Multi-layered and increasingly complex to navigate, even the savviest of UK altnets don’t utilise the full potential of their Code powers — hindering their ability to negotiate effectively and overcome obstacles hampering network deployment. Explore how our personalised wayleave training and legal counsel enabled community-led altnet Lightning Fibre to overcome challenges with unresponsive landlords and accelerate their full fibre installations in MDUs with ease…

Barriers to connectivity: Redefining the telecoms ‘talent problem’ will be key to accelerating fibre growth plans

Dean Checkley, CEO of Flomatik, explores why reframing the so-called ‘talent shortage’ in the telecoms sector will be key to progressing the UK roll-out.

Updates to the Product Security and Telecommunications Infrastructure Act: What’s Next?

Following Royal Assent in December 2022, the Product Security and Telecommunications Infrastructure Act has now been passed. Further updates were made in April this year, which will have key impacts on telecoms operators, landlords and occupiers.

Agile legal services for disruptive altnet

When ambitious network provider Digital Infrastructure emerged in the connectivity market, the team sought the legal counsel of a partner with the same level of drive and experience as them. Aware of our reputation in the telecoms industry, they came to Trenches Law…

Barriers to connectivity: how innovation could be hindering progress

Tim Mercer — CEO of cloud-first technology firm, Vapour — joins Trenches Law for the second instalment of our barriers busting series. Penning some thoughts on the underlying challenges brought by innovation, he shares some crucial perspective on how taking a more holistic view of tech and infrastructure needs — with a closer eye on ROI — could help boost progress in the telecoms sector.

How our wayleave expertise is helping to boost the economy and connect thousands of homes in south Wales

At Trenches Law, we want to see more rural communities staying connected, which is why we team up with companies such as leading internet company, Ogi. Find out more about our involvement in its multi-million pound full fibre roll-out taking place right across south Wales.

How we’re supporting WightFibre’s Isle of Wight roll-out with wayleaves

At Trenches Law, we’re committed to unlocking the benefits of high-speed connectivity across the UK. That’s why we leverage our wayleave expertise to work with telecoms companies such as WightFibre. They chose our expertise to help them roll out an ambitious £110 million fibre-optic broadband project on the Isle of Wight.

Barriers to connectivity: the paradox of industry regulation

Gita Sorensen is the Founder and Managing Director of GOS Consulting – a specialised regulatory, economics, and strategy consultancy, with deep-rooted expertise in the electronic communications sector.

Trenches Law pledges to bust the barriers to connectivity

Trenches Law is drawing on our network of experts from across the tech and telecoms landscape, to deliver the latest news and views surrounding the biggest barriers to connectivity.

Why we believe collaboration is the key to a Connected Britain

In this blog, Head of Legal at Trenches Law, Georgina Rudak, elaborates on the work we’ve achieved together with BeFibre, to highlight the importance of collaboration in the broadband industry.