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Trenches Law pledges to bust the barriers to connectivity

Trenches Law is drawing on our network of experts from across the tech and telecoms landscape, to deliver the latest news and views surrounding the biggest barriers to connectivity.

Full fibre broadband will be the future of connectivity in the UK. And with the rapid deployment of faster and more reliable infrastructure underway, the Government’s eyes remain set on the arrival of at least 85% gigabit-capable coverage by 2025. And eventually, legacy, copper-based networks will be retired for good.

But we still have a long way to go, to turn this vision from a pipedream to a reality. According to the Government’s spring delivery plan, the number of UK premises with access to gigabit-capable broadband now stands at 68%. While this is the largest year-on-year increase the country has seen so far, we mustn’t ignore the fact significant progress still needs to be made.

Because it’s not simply a matter of pumping more monetary investment into infrastructure, nor is it a case of simply putting more boots on the ground to accelerate deployment. So, what else is holding back the UK’s progress?

In this thought-provoking new blog series, Trenches Law is drawing on its network of experts to explore just that. From knowledge and legislation to human resources and innovation, we’ll be delivering the latest news and views from thought leaders across the tech and telecoms landscape – exploring untapped areas of potential to bust the biggest barriers to connectivity, and augment Britain’s digital future.

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