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The secret to the perfect wayleave process

Here at Trenches Law, we’re extremely proud of the wayleave services we offer our clients, and the level of advice we can provide.

In recent times, the Government has been very vocal about the acceleration of the UK’s full-fibre digital infrastructure roll-out. It’s therefore no surprise that the amount of telecoms industry activity in this country is at its peak, with no sign of slowing down anytime soon. This transformational time will not be without its challenges, however, particularly when it comes to negotiating with freeholders and/or leaseholders to support effective network expansions.

Following these exciting and complex changes, the team at Trenches Law have put together a brochure – now available to download on the website – on the topic of wayleave, and we’ve included our key advice surrounding this area of the law.

Suitable for operators looking for a fully managed wayleave service, or resellers seeking support on a specific matter, this document provides information on exactly what to expect from the wayleave process and how to achieve the outcome you desire, with minimal headaches and costs.

In addition to our top tips for appointing a wayleave expert and managing the process from start to finish, we also explore the most commonly asked questions surrounding the topic.

Please download our brochure and take the time to explore our advice on how to efficiently install, maintain, replace or upgrade your telecoms infrastructure on privately-owned land/premises.

Our wayleave services include:
• Analysis of plans and interrogation of Land Registry databases to determine relevant wayleave stakeholders (including owners of shared driveways, private roads, MDUs and all other types of land)
• MDU ‘walkouts’ as required, to survey the building and obtain project-critical data
• Preparation and acquisition of single and bulk wayleave agreements including Heads of Terms
• Dialogue and management of relationships with private, social, residential and commercial landlords, plus local authorities, with face-to-face visits, negotiation of wayleave terms, and the issue of statutory notices, as required
• Training and advice on compliance with the Electronic Communications Code
• Review, advice and amendment of existing wayleave processes
• Reactive advice and resolution when wayleave applications become ‘stuck’ or trespass allegations are made
• End-to-end wayleave managed service to ensure operators deliver wayleaves promptly to resellers
• Preparation of wayleave success rate reports as programmes progress.

Whatever your position, we are available to talk to you about the most efficient way to install, maintain and upgrade your telecoms infrastructure on privately-owned land.

Please get in touch via our contact form, call us on 01252 627 559 or email if you require further assistance.

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