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Trenches Law launches three-step guide to wayleave automation success

Our wayleave automation system has been making waves since disrupting the market in 2020. In our three-step guide for telecoms operators, we’re sharing just how crucial technological innovation is in rolling out complex builds at pace.

Wayleaves are critical to the telecoms industry – enabling connectivity projects to progress at pace. But these legal agreements are notoriously complex, costly, and time-consuming too.

That’s why it’s vital they’re never overlooked. Because if they are, surveyor rates and legal fees – combined with expense and resource issues that arise during the planning process – could soon mount up.

Of course, knowing and understanding what it takes to roll-out elaborate builds at speed – whilst avoiding critical pitfalls along the way – is pivotal. And no one knows how to negotiate with organisations – from local authorities and landowners, to housing associations and managing agents – better than a wayleave expert.

However, not even the support of a specialist could enable companies to do this manually, at the speed required to meet ambitious full fibre targets. So, what’s the solution?

Our state-of-the art automation systen disrupted the telecoms space in 2020 and has been making waves ever since. Simplifying, streamlining, and accelerating the wayleave process, our award-winning, 600-hour digital transformation project now handles tens of thousands more wayleaves per week, than previously.

It does so by automating the investigation, creation, and distribution of wayleaves – without the need for any additional human resources. As a result, telecoms operators can cut the error-prone, labour intensive, and expensive hours required to complete these tasks manually.

But we’re keen to extend our support even further, and help the telecoms industry remove other critical barriers on the quest for a gigabit-capable future.

That’s the idea behind our latest guide, ‘Driving wayleave success with award-winning automation: A three-step guide for telecoms operators’ – to help shine a light on the role of technological innovation in streamlining connectivity projects.

“Because when you’re able to implement more efficiencies that benefit infrastructure, industry and the general public, the road to a gigabit-capable Britain becomes more of a reality,” said Co-founder and Operations Director at Trenches Law, Terry Daniell.

We explore:

  • The current wayleave landscape
  • How technology can make operators more agile
  • Streamlining processes to accelerate growth
  • Tackling the digital divide
  • Building a greener future for a net zero nation


Fancy a copy? Download the guide, today.

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