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Why timing is everything when rolling-out a rebrand

Spearheading the recent rebrand and website project, Anna Hagglund, our Head of Brand and Marketing, delves into the reasons why our new look and feel is another vital step towards our ongoing expansion…

While you’re reading this blog, you may also spot a few improvements to our Trenches Law brand and website.

Following year-on-year increases across the board, we felt the time was right to give our organisation a well-deserved makeover. Building on the foundations we first established in 2017, it was important that our fresh visual identity could grow with us, and firmly underpin that we’re not your average legal firm.

Rolling out a brand project is no mean feat. There are a multitude of stages involved when drilling down into the detail which ultimately determines what your organisation is all about and what’s important moving forward. With a first-step brand workshop in the diary, there was no duo better placed for this session than founders Sharon McDermott and Terry Daniell, as we delved a little deeper into what makes Trenches Law so special.

Our conversations led to the development of a clear vision and mission for the organisation moving forward. Aligning them with our company evolution, it was vital that we never lost sight of our goals. These discussions also helped us to define the four pillars of our brand values, these being:

  1. Energetic
  2. Brave
  3. Visionary
  4. Authentic

Everything we do comes back to these key areas – from how we recruit and the type of talent we onboard, to the straight-talking language we use in job descriptions, client communications, company brochure and more. We’ve also produced comprehensive brand guidelines and we use these for onboarding new suppliers and briefing agencies on fresh projects.

Plus, our four values have created a great structure in which we acknowledge our people – with ‘brand values champion’ awards each month.

There were many facets that went into launching our new brand. As well as pinpointing our messaging, we also had a laser-beam focus on revamping our website.

We investigated ways in which to make certain pages work harder – such as our About Us and Insight sections – as well as enhancing the customer journey with slicker and simpler navigation. We also introduced a new Careers page to attract even more top talent and honed our three Services offerings to clearly outline our expertise in legal counsel, wayleave and electric vehicle support.

And we pin a lot on being known as an authentic and trusted brand and so we made sure that every image on the website showed an element of the organisation in some way. And in return, we hope that visitors get a true feel for who Trenches Law is, which team members they might work with, and what we’re all about.

Since launching the website in January 2022, there have been some incredible results. Recently we’ve recorded:

  • Site traffic up by 31%
  • Average time on site up by 39%
  • Bounce rate down by 10%
  • Pages per visit up 16%

Plus, our new brand identity has paved the way for more focused communications with clients, prospects and employees. Overall, we’re really proud of the end result and hope you are too! While this was very much a Trenches Law-specific project, we’d also like to thank our suppliers who played such key roles: Konductor, Rusyn Design, Scriba PR and MiHi Digital.

Let us know what you think about the rebrand and website updates over on our Twitter and LinkedIn pages. And, if you need legal, wayleave or compliance advice, talk to us today by calling: 01256 856 888 or emailing:


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